5 Tips to withstand winter in Cusco

Los Cusqueños (residents of Cusco) say: “The climate in Cusco works like women. Your moods are simply unpredictable. “

You can imagine about the weather in Cusco and the Andes: unpredictable. Heavy rains can also occur in the dry season from May to September and usually come without notice. The temperature drop between day and night due to altitude and extreme exposure to UV rays is unusual for many travelers and quickly causes colds and fever. If you travel through several landscape areas (coast, Andes, rainforest), you are guaranteed to enjoy a wide variety of weather conditions and you must take this into account when planning your luggage.

Peruvian climate: well prepared with 6 tips

Tip 1: Schedule days off

Especially in the rainy season from October to March, you should plan days off for Cusco and places that are particularly important to you. So you are flexible when the weather is really bad in one day. There is no risk of rain throughout the year in Lima, only the coastal fog seeps in the photos of the holidays in the winter from May to September.

Tip 2: dress like an onion

It is the best advice I can give you: choose clothes that you can combine with each other. A good example of this is a t-shirt (or top) + long sleeve + polar jacket + light rain jacket. In the Andes in particular, temperatures change dramatically during the day. Early in the morning, you leave your accommodation crowded and in the afternoon you get incredibly hot with things that are too thick. (Only when the sun is shining, otherwise it stays cold). Given this, zipper pants are a great invention. More about the clothes on my packing list for Peru.

Tip 3: buy a poncho and leave the umbrella at home

As fun as you look in a poncho, it is always useful and is much more practical than a difficult-to-handle umbrella that doesn’t even keep you dry when it rains on your side. I personally never used an umbrella in Peru. You can still buy a poncho in Peru without any problem, otherwise you can also find good rain ponchos online.

Tip 4: wear sunscreen even when the sky is cloudy

With sun or without sun, UV radiation in the Andes is so great that there is a risk of sunburn, even when the sky is cloudy. Therefore, apply cream at regular intervals, especially if you are outside all day. A sun hat or cloth and sunglasses are also useful.

Tip 5: take a warm pajamas and thick socks with you

Peruvian homes and simple accommodations generally do not have heaters. Therefore, it is good to wear warm sleepwear and thick socks.

Tip 6: Wear sturdy shoes

Whether on the coast, in the Andes or in the jungle, resistant footwear is the most important thing for Peru. You will not only need trekking shoes, but also in rainy weather. The historic center of Cusco also consists of cobblestones and the risk of slipping on wet stones is 90%

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