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Welcome to Inka Time

We are a well-established travel agency and tour operator in Cusco – Peru, that has realized the dream of Thousands of people who dream like you, to have the deserved vacations, without problems or surprises.

We’re going to get 17 years organizing a professional job, polite and especially honest for all our passengers, visitors from different nationalities who knew and nowadays recommend our job.

Cusco at the present time is a city who mixture its colonial infrastructure with beautiful streets who show until now original Inca walls, these walls who are standing more than 500 years, those walls are who withstood the attacks of the Spaniards and now wonder to thousands of people every day for the type of their construction.

Inside this historic center of town is located one of our offices of reception and tourist information, to one block from the main square of Cusco (Plaza de Armas) in the very popular street Triunfo 392 office 215.

Our company was legally constituted in 2006, getting from that moment all permits required to start to make sellings in our office and by our website online, serve our passengers and perform operation on the various circuits and tours in our city and Region of Cusco.

One of these entities is THE MUNICIPALITY OF CUSCO (Serie N° 0010687 Code 007687-2019), who verifies, inspects the well functioning and performance of all the commercial and tourist business.

Other is the GERCETUR CUSCO (Serie N° 303-2021-GR-GERCETUR-SGFC) This is the office of  foreign trade and tourism management in Cusco.

And also, MINCETUR the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, see our official permission CLICKING HERE

These institutions grant permission that supports the agencies and tour operators who meet all the requirements, being the primary fulfill at 100% with all the tourists, give security and confidence in the different trips organized.

1.-Authorization by the Cusco’s Municipality.

This Company was founded thanks to the owner’s efforts who understood in their job as Tour Guides that The service and tourist treatment should be provided with quality and professionalism, kindness besides.

That is why, we have a professional staff who are being constantly trained and prepared to exceed your high expectation, like this, we can get your complete satisfaction of every one of our services, from a simple transfer to the tours of 10 and 12 days we offer.

Our tour guides, people with expertise, highly recommended by our passengers, by the way how they feel and express their ideas about Andean culture, archaeological sites, lover of our people and their villages, all of them bilingual will offer you an updated information, clear and beneficial to you.

So when you leave from Cusco you have understood and known why you really came to visit the land of the Incas; equally we have duly equipped vehicles for tourist transport, also a complete camping equipment necessary to give you the comfort on the hikes and treks we organize for you in all the Cusco Region.

In general all the work will be provided for you will be made at 100 % by Cusco’s professionals, Cusquenian who know perfectly their job in this company.


  • Provide you the best option for visiting the best places for a reasonable price.
  • Permanent assistance, so you can really enjoy your vacation to 100 %.
  • Honest tours, good information, well organized, tours without problems.
  • Organize responsible trips, taking care of our local flora and fauna, the local people and their typical costumes in their villages.
  • Work with local people, providing for more job opportunities to our people, Cusqueños at 100 %.
  • Decent wages to all our employees, no to exploitation.
  • Exceed your expectation about our job, this for our effectiveness, giving you a high level of confidence.
  • Our customer is always synonymous to a friend.
  • Really good communication and great treatment between co-workers, no to discrimination.
  • Guaranteed departures for the dates reserved by our passengers.
  • Transport service, equipment and qualified staff for our customers, because you deserve the best that is our purpose.
  • Great facilities to book online, transparently, no surprises, no doubt.

Inka Time knows that the time you spend with us has to be very well organized, that is why, we consider all the small details, making our job minutely, we live for you, work for you.

The Andean world welcomes you and invites you to discover more than you can imagine because it doesn’t matter what you see, but the feeling you find inside.

Sincerely INKA TIME

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