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cusco-unforgettable-machupicchu-sacsayhuaman - city tour cuscoTour of the main tourist centers of the imperial city of Cusco. During your visit to the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco. Live a beautiful experience and enjoy the mix between Inca engineering and Spanish traditions and styles during a city tour Cusco.

The Cusco city tour includes the visit to the archeological centers located around the city and religious sites and artisan centers of Cusco.

Summary city tour cusco:

  • Type of tour: Archaeological and Cultural
  • Visiting Sites: Cusco Cathedral, Qoricancha, Cusco Artisan Center, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Puka pukara, Tambomachay.
  • For the beginning of the city tour generally the tourist agencies offer enough information to the visitors either in the same agency or with a visit to the tourist’s hotel.

The starting point of the tour is usually the central plaza of Cusco, where everyone who took that tour will meet, but private city tours can also be made.

Start of the city tour.

The first point of visit will be the Cusco Cathedral (entrance: S/25 not included in the tourist ticket) located in the Plaza de Armas. After touring the cathedral and enjoying the art and style of its construction, the tour continues towards the Qoricancha, the Temple of the Sun (entrance: S/10 is not included in the tourist ticket) located only a few meters from the Cusco square.

In the Qoricancha you can see the great difference between the Inca culture and the Spanish Catholicism, you can also see the difference in construction methods (construction engineering). The one that surpasses in beauty and engineering quality is the Inca construction, it is amazing, since Qoricancha was the key spiritual center of the Incas.

The next point of visit, from Qoricancha, is the artisan center of Cusco. A varied city tour includes in its itinerary this textile center to offer and facilitate the acquisition of souvenirs of your trip through Cusco to all its visitors.

Stroll by Sacsayhuaman, the next point and perhaps the most awaited is the visit to the archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman.

The ascent to Sacsayhuaman is made in a special bus for tours in the city, it is a short trip of about 15 min from the center of the city.

From Sacsayhuaman it is 5 minutes by bus to the Inca site of Qenqo, in Qenqo you can observe fascinating Inca altars carved in rock. The guide will let you know the great importance of this place of Inca ceremonies.

Another place to visit located only 5 minutes from Qenqo is Puca Pucara, a small circular Inka site. Unlike Qenqo, Puca Pucara has a more exquisite archeological design, you can enjoy a circular construction and a beautiful view of the Cusco valley.

The last point of visit is Tambomachay, a temple with beautiful designs of water channels, it is believed that was used by the Inca to bathe, you can also see beautiful crystal clear water sources.

The final point of the city tour cusco is the plaza de armas del cusco, where the tour also begins, unless the tourist is taking a private tour, in which case the final point of the tour will be to the liking of the tourist.

Private city tour in Cusco.

What to do in CuscoNowadays it is very common to take private tours of the main archeological centers of Cusco including Machu Picchu.

The private city tours are currently the most requested, for its low cost and ease of tour, it is very convenient if visitors are in Cusco with their family (family trips) or with their friends.

The private city tour gives you great options and variety of visits, unlike the conventional city tour (group), the private city tour offers visits to more places such as markets, museums and entertainment centers.

Buying entrance tickets to all points of interest is extremely easy, Cusco tickets, or you can ask to include in the tour costs all the necessary tickets, the tourist agency you choose will make all the arrangements for you.

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