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If you are planning a dream trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu and want to do it in style and comfort, train travel is the perfect option for you. In this article, I will take you on a virtual journey through the experience of traveling from Cusco to Machu Picchu by train, focusing on the luxurious services and unique experiences you can enjoy along the way.

girl in machupicchu, one of the highlights of our tour to machupicchu by bus-TOUR A MACHUPICCHU EN BUS-TOUR TO MACHU PICCHU BY CAR - cusco to machu picchu by train

Machu Picchu, the mystical and impressive Inca citadel, which, with its beauty, location and construction, astonishes all its visitors, whichever way the tourist took to get to know it, being the best known trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu by train. Either economic or a luxury trip.

Many tourists choose to make an economic trip. Travel with the most adverse conditions and with little budget, all arrive at their destination (Machu Picchu), likewise know how to enjoy your trip.

The most adventurous. Who not only have the purpose of knowing the Inca wonder, but also, make tours and trips such as the inka Trail, Salkantay route, tours through the sacred valley and even a spectacular bus trip to Machu Picchu. Sometimes with few comforts, they tend to adapt to situations.

As mentioned above, a Cusco trip to Machu Picchu by train is usually the most common and the least time-consuming. And, depending on the economy and plans of the traveler, there are economic tickets and others with a little high prices.

In this last category are located the travelers that decide to travel in a luxurious train to Machu Picchu, and it is not to blame them, while it is possible it is better to take advantage of all the advantages that it gives to travel in one of the most luxurious trains of the world

There are many advantages to traveling from Cusco to Machu Picchu by train. And, there are many who venture into a long journey on foot along the Inca Trail, but not everyone is fit to travel this great distance, endure the extreme weather, camp and climb steep roads, or venture by bus to Machu Picchu, but traveling by train has great advantages and if it is luxurious much better.

The most luxurious ticket to Machu Picchu is from the Hiram Bingham train; and it is considered one of the most luxurious train trips in the world. Those who have the pleasure of traveling on this luxurious train to Machu Picchu, do so from Poroy station, located just 30 minutes from the imperial city of Cusco.

Cusco a Machu Picchu en tren - Cusco to machu picchu by train

The experiences lived in this train are unforgettable since the Hiram Bingham offers a first class service with everything included: The tourist will be able to enjoy all the hospitality and the good Peruvian service, with excellent food of the region, all the service is of first class and in addition, it counts on the best entertainment for the tourists on board. The entire journey of the train is through the Urubamba River Valley.

The luxury train starts the tour from Poroy, outside Cusco. But in rainy seasons, which generally occur during the months of December and April, the train leaves from the town of Urubamba, at the gates of the Belmond Rio Sagrado hotel.

The experience lived by the passengers of this train, is special from the moment of boarding the train, where they are received with an exquisite snack that includes, canapés, sparkling wine and a natural and nutritious orange juice. And, for the entertainment of the tourist during the crossing, they will have a beautiful dance and traditional Andean music.

The tables and rests, where the travelers are located, are elegantly decorated and are attended by well-dressed and prepared waiters.

The interior decoration of the train is very elegant, is designed with four blue cars, which has capacity for 84 passengers divided into two dining cars, one for the car kitchen and a car that is an observatory and bar at the same time, in addition to having large windows and comfortable seats.

Cusco a Machu Picchu en tren - Cusco to machu picchu by train

In general, Hiram Bingham’s full service includes multiple first class services ranging from:

A pisco cocktail to receive travelers.
– At Poroy station, they will have a music show.
– For greater courtesy of the train, Hiram Bingham will be provided with briefcase service.
– Haute cuisine during the round trip (lunch and dinner).
– The open bar service will be available to the traveler, except for some wines.
– The traveler can enjoy the observatory car during the outward journey.
– You will have the round trip ticket to Machu Picchu in the bus from Aguas Calientes.
– You will have at your disposal a tourist guide.
– Sale of souvenirs on board the train.
– A live music band on board.

As you can see the service is first class, and for those who can afford this fabulous train the experience will be unique. And not only is the trip wonderful, the food served on board is all gourmet, with three dishes included during lunch and dinner.

Best of all, the ingredients in the dishes are of Andean origin, specifically from the Sacred Valley. Among the ingredients included in these dishes are the vegetarian options of quinoa, and sacha tomato.

Tourists can also select from the menu the dishes of their preference. All meals are prepared by the chefs on board during the trip. There are other options that are also included in the meals such as breads, coffees, drinks and local beers.

The Hiram Bingham train trip also includes the bus fare from Aguas Calientes to the citadel of Machu Picchu, and includes a tour guide who will take you on a tour of all of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, there are many ways to get there. And, the trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu by luxury train is just one of the many ways to visit the sacred city of the Incas.

Tips to Make the Most of Cusco to Machu Picchu by Train

Chica junto al tren para machupicchu durante el tour a cusco, machupicchu y lago titicaca de Inka time tours - Girl next to the train to machupicchu during the tour to cusco, machupicchu and lake titicaca - ruta del sol-tour lago titicaca desde cusco-tour cusco

  • Book your tickets in advance to guarantee availability, especially during high season.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to avoid disappointment and enjoy a stress-free experience.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the most memorable moments of your trip.

Traveling from Cusco to Machu Picchu by train is a truly unforgettable experience that allows you to enjoy the best that the region has to offer in terms of spectacular scenery, luxurious comfort and exclusive experiences. If you are looking for a unique and exciting way to explore Machu Picchu, look no further! A train journey will take you on a dream trip that you will remember forever.

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