If you want to discover the deepest and most authentic culture of Peru, today there is a new dedicated institution: the Inkariy Museum. Opened at the end of July, the Inkariy Museum is located in Calca, not far from Cusco.

This is an important and powerful project, born in 2002 by a team of Peruvian archaeologists and artists with the aim of improving and making known the pre-Columbian culture of Peru.

The museum wants to protect and spread, through modern language, the country’s historical heritage and its foundational values.

The pre-Columbian culture of Peru has an extraordinary wealth, clearly visible from the numerous monuments and attractions present throughout the territory. Just think of Caral, in Cusco itself, and of course the only masterpieces in the world like Machu Picchu.

The Inkariy Museum was developed according to a new model to define the contents of the museum, designed to offer an educational and pleasant experience for all types of users, from adults to children.

The Inkariy Museum also intends to become a reference point for research and teaching on the pre-Columbian history of Peru. In fact, there are numerous activities and lines of dedicated editorial publications.

An interesting aspect of the Inkariy Museum is its 360 degree approach. In fact, all the most important cultures of Peru are treated. Inside the museum there are rooms dedicated to the Incas, caral, chavin, paracas, moche, nasca, wari, lambayeque and chimú.

As of August, the Inkariy Museum has been included in the travel program of all the itineraries offered by Inka Time Tours in this region of Peru.
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