Machu Picchu ticket for Peruvians

a trip to machu picchu is always available without distinction of nationality, and more for national visitors trying to give facilities in some way. and among some benefits is the differentiated payment in the machu picchu ticket for Peruvians. promoting so that all nationals can enjoy a tour of the legacy of their ancestors.
How Machu Picchu Is Seen By Peruvians
Like other populations of the territory, Peruvians see Machu Picchu as a city surrounded by temples and water which is constituted at the top of the mountain and offers a beautiful view worthy of being visited at least once a year.
Peruvians see Machu Picchu as one of the most famous Inca buildings in the world.
They are the protectors of their country’s history so every time you can a common Peruvian takes your family and takes a stroll through the best tourist spots in your region.

IMPORTANT FACT. more than 65% of Peruvians do not have the opportunity to know machu picchu, for economic reasons or lack of information. although the Peruvian government promotes national tourism, only a small part of the population are those who visit machu picchu.

know a little more about machu picchu:


  • It is a cultural heritage and also natural that keeps within itself many Inca stories typical of the region of the Peruvian Andes.
  • The architecture of this city includes an average altitude of 2450 meters above sea level.
  • It has an expansion of 37302 hectares.
  • It was abandoned in the middle of the 16th century.
  • It was not lost thanks to the fact that it was occasionally inhabited by many characters from the region.
    Since 1930, the Peruvian state has been promoting economic projects to benefit research and conservation in places like this one.
    Machu Picchu is considered part of the historic sanctuaries of llaqta. This place represents for Peruvians a sample of art and engineering combined in a single place and is also in harmony with nature and represents the most important legacy of the Inca civilization of humanity.


How to handle the sale of ticket Machu Picchu for Peruvians

Many Peruvians have not yet had the opportunity to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, so it is ideal that these are well documented before traveling to visit this beautiful tourist city.
The people who have Peruvian nationality have a special discount in the sale of tickets to visit this majestic place that includes the train ticket and the entrance to this city. There are even special free tickets for Cusco residents, seniors and students.
Among the most frequently asked questions in Google search engines are ”what is the rate a Peruvian pays” for visiting the beautiful citadel of Machu Picchu or ”ticket machu picchu for Peruvians”, and focused on this question the price of the ticket for entry to this city depends directly on the type of ticket he chooses.
Price of the tickets according to each Peruvian citizen:

  • It has a maximum value of 64 soles if you are an adult.
  • 32 Soles if you are a college student
  • 32 soles if you are a child from 8 to 17 years old.

Being Peruvian and missing the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu is a total waste of a beautiful experience, because today there are many ways to get tickets to this great city that wants to be explored by new Peruvian visitors from all over the country.

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