orient express peru - hiram bingham train

Only by listening to the words Orient Express can the imagination begin to fly: many associations of ideas, however, all evoke unique experiences, authentic adventures where every moment is a pleasant surprise, including unexpected events.

The Orient Express company offers travelers in transit in Peru the privilege of experiencing at least once the sensation of boarding one of the most fascinating and luxurious trains that cross the country, traveling on a route of irresistible charm, which connects Cusco and Macchu Picchu.

On more than one occasion we stopped to tell the different types of roads that must be taken to reach the splendid Inca citadel, this is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and, without doubt, less exhausting!

orient express peru - hiram bingham train

The vehicle in question is called Hiram Bingham, as is the explorer and archaeologist who discovered the city of Machu Picchu in 1911, and through the Urubamba Valley accompanies passengers along a spectacular rail trip.

Onboard this luxury train it is possible to enjoy all kinds of comfort and service.

The trip can be done as a day trip or overnight at Macchu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, also owned by the Orient Express company.

orient express peru - hiram bingham train

Along the way, gourmet snacks, lunches or dinners are offered, accompanied by pleasant live local music.

And while the atmosphere becomes increasingly warm and welcoming, outside the landscapes continue to transform into a succession of unforgettable suggestions.

For those who prefer excellent local food and music to silence and the flow of landscapes, the ideal place is the observatory car, a car created for those who do not want to miss anything about this mystical and exciting journey.

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