Peru the best gastronomic destination

Not only are they archeological sites of extraordinary beauty, impressive natural landscapes and charming colonial cities, Peru is also gastronomy.
The cuisine of this wonderful South American country, in fact, is among the richest and most varied in the world.

According to some, it would even contain 491 typical dishes. This is not surprising if we think that Peru has 5000 years of history behind it, during which pre-Inca and Inca cultures reached very high levels of refinement also in the culinary field and then were “contaminated” by the Spanish during the period colonial and subsequently from the experiences of other European, Asian and even African peoples who have come here in various capacities.

But not only has history created a kitchen now famous in the world, geography also counts a lot.

In fact, Peru extends from the ocean to the Andes and, therefore, the products at the base of the dishes are different, depending on the different climatic zones.

On the coast, of course, fish is the absolute protagonist. Do not miss the ceviche, fish (and / or molluscs and crustaceans) marinated in lemon with the addition of red onion and other vegetables.

A true delicacy that only in Peru can really do in an exceptional way.
In the Andean mountain range, the queen is meat. In addition to beef, lamb, chicken and pork, try alpaca (excellent grilled) and then, with a little courage, the guinea pig, our guinea pigs or guinea pigs.

It gives an impression to see the guinea pig served whole, roasted, on the plate, but it has a delicate flavor reminiscent of the rabbit.

And then here they eat it and have always raised it, exactly as we do with rabbits.

Even vegetarians can be sure that Peruvian cuisine is rich in dishes based on vegetables and cereals.

First, potatoes, which are cooked and served in many ways. Just think that in Peru there are more than three thousand types, and all delicious. Quinoa is the sacred plant for the Inca populations, which prepare, among others, excellent soups.

One last tip, let yourself be tempted by a special appetizer: Pisco Sour.
It is prepared with a local grappa, lemon juice, sugar, beaten egg whites and a pinch of cinnamon. Be dull and delicious. It turns out it’s a wonder, but don’t overdo it, because, even if it doesn’t seem, it’s alcoholic!

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