The Red Valley in Cusco is another world


The red valley in Cusco is another tourist attraction apart from the one, which is becoming very popular in the last few months, apart from the marvelous Rainbow Mountain Cusco, this beautiful red valley receives more than 500 visits a day from tourists who alver its summits are impressed by its beauty, it is a chain of mountains and ravines of pure red earth, forming beautiful peaks that are very striking for any tourist.


This wonderful Red Valley is located very close to the rainbow mountain in the district of Pitumarca, Canchis Province about 3 hours from the city of Cusco.

Altitude of the Red Valley.

The rainbow mountain range It has a height of 5200 meters above sea level. At this high point of the Andean highlands of Cusco it is a bit more difficult to make physical effort. Therefore, it will be necessary to acclimatize about 2 days before this tour.

The Red Valley is awesome.


For anyone who wants to know the mountain of colors, you should know that you can take advantage of a new route that will allow you to pass through the famous Red Valley. Without a doubt, this tour is the perfect complement for nature-loving travelers.
A small canyon with a red soil that covers almost 95% of its surface. It is undoubtedly one of the natural wonders that most impact in Cusco. This route is relatively new but in a short time it gained great importance and popularity for national and foreign visitors.
Do not forget to ask about how to increase this tour when you visit the mountain of colors.

Relevant information.

Teodocio Cruz Huancachoque Nieto, current mayor of the district of Pitumarca confirmed that it is a chain of mountains and streams accessed by a horseshoe path for about 2 hours.

The Red Valley and the mountain of colors


the rejo valley is located on the Vinicunca route. Formerly it was completely covered in snow, although there are still seasons that is covered in snow throughout the valley.
Due to the reddish color of the valley and the proximity to the mountain of Vinicunca, this red valley has become Vinicunca’s first sister.
At the moment the red valley receives approximately 500 daily tourists between nationals and foreigners.
The route is the same that leads to the mountain of Vinicunca to the location is very close to the red valley is about 5,020 meters above sea level and the mountain of Vinicunca is 5,200 meters above sea level.

Data Inka Time Tours:

A very important project of the municipality and together with the comuneros is being elaborated to give order and respect of the environment.

How to get to the red valley on your own?

This wonderful adventure begins in the imperial city of Cusco, where you must board a car headed to the district of Cusipata for about 2 hours, once you arrive in Cusipata go to the main square where you can find a taxi or buses with address Phullawasipata, take a short break and take advantage of a good breakfast that will give you enough strength to make the hike of about 2 hours. This depends on the physical condition once you reach the top take a break to take beautiful pictures, then start to descend through the red valley for 2 hours until you reach Phullawasipata. Return in the same way to the city of Cusco.

How to get to the red valley with travel agency?

We are the heavy duty we have a perfectly completed itinerary for you to have no problem, you just have to enjoy your wonderful trip. Our adventure begins in the city of Cusco, our transport pick you up at your hotel between 4:00 in the morning, to go to address Phullawasipata same place where we will have a rich and fortifying breakfast, we will have a brief talk with our guide to continue With our adventure, from that point begins the walk will last 1 hour and 30 minutes until reach the top we can see the wonderful rainbow mountain of Cusco, we will have a time to take pictures and then continue our walk for 1 hour to reach our main adventure “The red valley” will descend through the summits completely covered by red earth, we will take photographs to immortalize our adventure, the road lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes until we reach Phullawasipata where our chef will be waiting for us with a rich and well-deserved lunch, and then return the city of Cusco.

Recommendations to carry in the backpack.

– Do not forget to bring a hat or cap.
– Always wear your sunglasses.
– Always have a 50 fps sunscreen and apply every 30 minutes.
– Always carry moisturizing drinks with you.
– Use good shoes for trekking.
– Bring snacks, energy bars or nuts.

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