Rural tourism in Peru

Development of Rural Tourism in Peru

If you are interested in experiential travel, those far from the usual destinations, where to experience true contact with the host country, do not lose sight of the development of rural tourism in Peru.

In recent decades, modern society has developed greater environmental awareness, an active interest in ecological, food and biodiversity issues: these issues have also ended up involving the tourism sector and today we often hear people talking about “sustainable tourism”.

The development of rural tourism in Peru has made it possible to create bridges between foreign tourists and indigenous inhabitants who, by welcoming guests to their villages and homes, will give you the opportunity to see up close and participate in a series of daily related activities. Agriculture, breeding, crafts and traditional cuisine.

This wonderful experience is called “community rural tourism” and directly involves the inhabitants of rural communities who work hard to plan tourism and activities in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Cusco region in particular has carried out some very interesting projects in recent years. Some particularly exemplary examples of the development of rural tourism in Peru are those:

Province of Calca

in fact, in this agricultural region there are over a thousand varieties of potatoes! This is a phenomenon of plant biodiversity which unfortunately we are losing in much of the world in favor of large-scale production of a few types of food that are more suitable for the global market and therefore more profitable.

At the Kinsa Oocha lagoon you can participate in the production of soaps using local herbs; in the land of the Yachaq you can get to know the many artisans who still practice ancient weaving and processing techniques of the Andean fabrics, you can participate in ceramic workshops, traditional beekeeping, the preparation of “chicha” (typical Peruvian drink) and that of chocolate.

If you want to live a unique experience like living with the local people and learn their customs and also visit Machu Picchu your best option is the Lares Trek.

For those who are more interested in the fauna of the area

Province of Cachis

you can go trekking around the Ausangate peak and in the meantime admire the many species of animals that populate the area, you can also try your hand at fishing using artisan tools while listening to the myths and the legends that the locals will be excited to tell you about.

In this regard, if ceremonies and traditions fascinate you, we advise you to go to Cuyuni , in the province of Quispicanchi, where in addition to the guided trekking, you can participate in traditional Andean ceremonies and take advantage of a tasty Novoandino buffet.


Experiential Tourism in Chinchero, offers an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, unique bodies of water such as the enigmatic Piuray Lagoon, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. It includes cultural activities in the village of Cuper Bajo, represented by the “Qori Simpas” Association, where visitors participate in Andean storytelling, agricultural activities, and enjoy a traditional lunch.

In addition, the association offers an explanation of the textile elaboration process and a demonstration of handmade garments, culminating with a return to the city of Cusco.

The Potato Park

The Potato Park, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Pisac, offers a unique and enriching experience. This biocultural territory, which groups five communities (Amaru, Chawaytire, Pampallacta, Paru Paru and Sacaca), is dedicated to the preservation of Andean products, especially native potatoes, using techniques inherited from the Incas.

During the visit, tourists can participate in ancestral experiences, observe the potato cultivation process, learn about more than a thousand varieties of this tuber and taste typical dishes. They can also admire ceramics, handicrafts and local textiles. The experience is complemented by a charming walk through the Quinsacocha Lagoon, allowing direct contact with nature. Enjoy a relaxing and cultural trip in the Sacred Valley of the Incas!

In addition to those mentioned here, there are other places where you can find Raqchi, Pacha-Paqareq, Chahuaytire, Willoc and Patacancha. Peru is a place where you can find different comforting experiences. Come and visit us.

As you can see on your own, Peru is a country that still maintains strong links with the land and with traditional agricultural and craft techniques; and for us who today live in an increasingly “global” and standardized world, these are priceless treasures to be preserved and shared.

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