The best places to buy souvenirs in Cusco

In Peru, you must arrive with empty bags to leave with your bags completely packed. Peru is the epitome of elegant crafts because it is not for nothing that ethnic patterns have conquered world fashion: everything comes from Peru. So why not go shopping with the inventor of this fashion? Ponchos with beautiful ornaments are a real attraction, and fluffy alpaca sweaters not only look good, but they also keep you warm! The best city to buy souvenirs, textiles and crafts are definitely Cusco.

Where to buy crafts in Cusco?

1. Neighborhood San Blas

Where better to look for crafts and jewelry than in an artist’s neighborhood? On the weekend there is a handicraft market in San Blas square, where you can buy handmade leather bags, silver jewelry, textile bags, paintings, as well as finely painted ceramic cups and plates. In a backyard, there are products made of alpaca and sheep’s wool, such as socks, scarves, ponchos, and sweaters. On Tandapata Street, above the water fountain, you will find a small shop that sells painted or embroidered fabrics, Shipibo, from the rainforest. This street is also home to street artists who make interesting jewelry with ribbons, wires, stones, and crystals.

2. Triunfo Street

At the top of the corner of Triunfo Street (Sunturwasi), you can enter a backyard that leads to the Cicciolina restaurant, where the Shaman Shop 393 is located. I love entering this shop to admire the hand-painted drums, see Shipibo fabrics, admire the crystals and stones, listen to the mystical music, and smell the incense.

3. Market San Pedro

The favorite place for many tourists, you can buy souvenirs and buy alpaca sweaters. You must leave enough time for the large covered weekly market in San Pedro, because in addition to crafts you can also buy fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, and nuts, enjoy freshly squeezed juice, and observe the lively activities of its sellers and buyers

4. Wanchaq Craft Center

Hangs a little bigger than the Wanchaq Craft Market, which is located at the lower end of the long Avenida del Sol. This market is particularly suitable if you want to go looking for memories. Everyone will find what they are looking for here. In addition to typical products such as textiles made from alpaca or sheep wool, there are handmade instruments such as guitars, brass bands, and flutes, as well as ceramics, leather bags, and pumpkins (pumpkins) in all colors and sizes. The patterns and representations are carved with love and tell the mythology of the Andes.

5. Pisac Market

The definitive shopping tours in Cusco should only be done after a visit to Pisac, because there are many possibilities that you can buy high-quality crafts there at better prices. Pisac is known for its first-class textiles (large blankets, beautiful ponchos, pillowcases, table runners, etc.) and it’s silver jewelry.

6. Baratillo Market

For those who like cheap, cheap, cheap like Peruvians, who enjoy collecting scrap, or who just want to look for the needle in a haystack, the Baratillo market is the solution. My favorite piece of scrap but great: The Baratillo market is only available on Saturdays. Here, Peruvians sell everything that is not riveted and nail-proof. Unfortunately, in the truest sense of the word. This market is considered a black market and should be treated with caution because what is stolen here is also sold here with the same breath. Tourist souvenirs and handicrafts are sold in a street at really low prices.

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