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Peru, located below the equator line, experiences seasons that are reversed compared to those in the northern hemisphere. The country’s extensive range from north to south, combined with its varied altitudes, results in a remarkable diversity of climates. While Peru is a year-round destination, the best times to visit are generally from April to June and September to November. However, if you plan to travel to Peru in December, here’s everything you need to know about the weather, what to see, events, and recommended areas.

Weather Overview in December

Coastal Climate

In December, the coastal region of Peru, including cities like Lima, enjoys sunny weather and warm temperatures. The Desert Coast has two distinct climates:

  1. Sub-Tropical Desert Climate (Semi-Hot and Very Dry)

    • Covers almost the entire coast from Piura in the north to Tacna in the south.
    • Maximum altitude: 2000 meters.
    • Annual rainfall: around 150mm.
    • Average annual temperature: 18-19°C.
  2. Tropical Desert Climate (Hot and Very Dry)

    • Includes the northern area from Piura to Tumbes.
    • Maximum altitude: 1000 meters.
    • Annual rainfall: around 200mm.
    • Average annual temperature: 24°C.

Andean Climate

The Central Andes, or Sierra, have four distinct climates depending on the altitude:

  1. Humid Sub-Tropical Climate (1000 to 3000 meters)

    • Average annual temperature: 20°C.
    • Annual rainfall: 500mm.
  2. Humid Temperate Continental Climate (3000 to 4000 meters)

    • Average annual temperature: 12°C.
    • Annual rainfall: 700mm.
    • Summers are rainy, winters are arid.
  3. Cool Temperate Sub-Humid Continental Climate (4000 to 5000 meters)

    • Average annual temperature: 6°C.
    • Annual rainfall: 700mm.
    • Summers are rainy with overcast skies, winters are cold and dry.
    • Prepare for rainy summers with overcast skies and cold, dry winters, especially from June to August. Ideal for trekking and exploring ancient Inca ruins.
  4. Cold Snowy Climate (Above 5000 meters altitude)
    • Average Temperature: Constantly below 0°C
    • Precipitation: Perennial snow
    • Explore the breathtaking beauty of the high Andes with snow-capped peaks and pristine landscapes.


  1. Very Humid Sub-Tropical Climate (Selva Alta)
    • Average Temperature: 22°C
    • Rainfall: 2000mm/year
    • Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest, experiencing abundant biodiversity and vibrant ecosystems.
  1. Warm Temperate Humid/Tropical Mountain Climate (Woody Buttresses)
    • Temperature Range: Limited
    • Rainfall: Up to 2000mm/year
    • Discover unique flora and fauna while trekking through mountainous terrain and dense forests.
  1. Tropical Climate (Amazonian Plains)
    • Average Temperature: Above 25°C
    • Rainfall: Around 2000mm/year
    • Enjoy the warmth of the Amazonian plains, where diverse wildlife thrives amidst dense vegetation.

Whether you’re seeking adventure in the Andes or a jungle expedition in the Amazon, Peru offers diverse climates and landscapes to explore during your December travels.

What to See?

  • Coastal Regions: December offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in beach life and partake in the lively summer festivities along Peru’s stunning coastline.

  • Mountainous Areas and Valleys: While coastal regions enjoy summer, the mountains and valleys experience the rainy season, providing a lush and vibrant landscape to explore.


With Peru’s rich cultural heritage, December boasts a few noteworthy events:

  • Fiesta de la Purìsima Concepcin: Experience the vibrant celebrations honoring the Virgin Mary throughout the country.

  • Christmas: Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as Peru celebrates Christmas with traditional customs and joyful festivities.

  • La Virgen del Carmen de Chincha (El Carmen): Witness the colorful processions and cultural performances honoring the patron saint of Chincha.

Recommended Areas:

  • Lima: Explore the capital city’s rich history, art, and architecture. Indulge in its culinary delights, as Lima is renowned as the gastronomic capital of Latin America.

  • Mancora: Escape to the serene beaches of Mancora for relaxation and leisurely strolls along pristine shores. Experience a side of Peru that’s off the beaten path, away from the tourist crowds.

  • Ballestas Islands: Embark on a mesmerizing boat tour to the Ballestas Islands, where you can marvel at the enigmatic Candelabrum and witness diverse marine life, including sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and sea birds.

Plan your December journey to Peru to soak in the vibrant culture, explore breathtaking landscapes, and create unforgettable memories.

Maximum monthly statistics:


  • Maximum temperature: 24 ° C
  • Minimum temperature: 18 ° C
  • Precipitation: 0 mm


  • Maximum temperature: 22 ° C
  • Minimum temperature: 8 ° C
  • Precipitation: 4 mm


  • Maximum temperature: 19 ° C
  • Minimum temperature: 6 ° C
  • Precipitation: 123 mm


  • Maximum temperature: 23 ° C
  • Minimum temperature: 16 ° C
  • Precipitation: 0 mm


  • Maximum temperature: 31 ° C
  • Minimum temperature: 22 ° C
  • Precipitation: 301 mm

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