Wayna Picchu, how to get on

You know the classic photos of machu pichu, on all of them you will find two peaks that stand out on the horizon. Well the biggest is the Wayna Pichu.

As you know, a visit to Machu Pichu must be carefully planned with months of antiquity, as the places on the trains are contingent … well think of getting on the Wayna pichu even more. There are two time slots for entry, early morning and late morning, and a limited number of access for a maximum of 200 people.


Trekking is not demanding, even less considering that Machu and Wayna are “only at 2500 meters high). But it should not be underestimated at all. The path is very narrow and at times it becomes almost a via ferrata … if you are expert and trained, go up and down in an hour and a half, if you are not in the mountains but you are in good shape for two and a half hours … if you are not trained, STOP better giving up. In the past some accidents, even serious ones.

The prize? Well you will seriously see the Urubamba canyon but above all once on top of the archaeological site a perspective never seen before!

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