What to eat in Peru: discovering superfoods

Peru is a jewel of biodiversity and incredible landscape beauties: from the desert coasts of the Pacific Ocean to the tropical, impenetrable and wild jungles, to the wonderful peaks of the Andes mountain range and the incredible Rainbow Mountain. The other fascinating side of Peru is rich in history, important archaeological sites, Inca ruins (not to mention the iconic Machu Picchu), colonial cities and a long and ancient culinary tradition. A fertile land, Peru, whose population has always respected and revered the “Pacha Mama”, Mother Earth, who continues to donate precious and delicious food, in fact, superfoods. Some of which have become famous throughout the world and have also become protagonists of tables around the world.

Andean cuisine

In Peru you can enjoy good food and thanks to the enormous variety and high quality of prepared dishes, it is not difficult to find suitable dishes for all tastes. Peruvian cuisine is a waste of healthy foods, with high nutritional values, rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. The Andean dishes are mostly good, tasty and sustainable. The superfoods of Peru are not a novelty, in fact, they have been cultivated in the Andean lands since ancient times and are part of a long tradition, which is now spreading throughout the world precisely because it represents a true culinary and terrestrial treasure. There are about 45 products grown in the territory, including fruits, vegetables, cereals and fish. The brand “Superfoods Peru” was born from these ideas.

The superfoods of Peru

The best known Peruvian superfoods are, without a doubt, quinoa, avocado, sweet potatoes, cocoa, grapes. Here are the most mysterious with original names:

Peruvian maca is an ancient plant that grows in the Andean highlands, between 3500 and 4500 meters above sea level. Maca root is used as a natural tonic powder, stabilizes blood pressure, reduces stress and fatigue, helps the brain produce energy and provides vitality and endurance. It provides proteins, minerals, vitamins, calcium and iron.
Camu camu is a small fruit from the Peruvian Amazon and contains a high level of vitamin C, higher than oranges and lemon. It helps strengthen the immune system, skin and eyes. It also seems to be useful for stabilizing mood in patients with anxiety and depression. It is used in powder form.
Sacha Inch, whose seeds contain one of the most important sources of omega 3, 6 and 9 in the world (even larger than blue fish). Sacha inch oil helps people with irritable bowel and fatty liver problems, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and regulates blood pressure.

What to eat in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is a wonderful fusion with Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian cuisine. In 2015 Lima was chosen as the world capital of gastronomy. Here fish is one of the main ingredients, and ceviche is the national pride. It is a dish based on raw fish and seafood cut into small pieces and marinated in lemon, onion and chili. The other typical dishes to taste are tiradito, an onion-free version of ceviche, and parihuela, a tasty fish and seafood soup.
In Lima there are many restaurants, from the most prominent to the least known and lonely, and there are many cocktail bars where you can enjoy a pisco sour, so Lima is increasingly transforming into a trendy city.

Meat is another of the main ingredients of Peruvian cuisine, especially in the interior areas. A popular dish in all of Peru is roast chicken, which can be tasted in one of the many picturesque pollerias. If you’re brave enough, try Cuy, the baked guinea pig, stuffed or fried. Other typical dishes to eat in Peru are sauteed loin, soups and thousands of recipes based on potatoes, which in Peru produce more than 3000 different types. Rice is also a fundamental part of Andean cuisine, and it is prepared in many different ways: chifa with vegetables, meat or fish, and tacu tacu which, with black beans, is a super tasty and nutritious dish, as well as cheap.

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