What to pack before going to Machu Picchu

Regardless of how you choose to get to Machu Picchu, you cannot deny that the citadel is an incredible place to visit. It is a tourist attraction that attracts thousands of visitors every day and even exceeds expectations.

Whether you intend to make the Inca trail or travel by bus and train, you do not want to be overloaded with luggage. Here is our advice for a list of essential packages.

Backpack. A solid backpack is a must and, in fact, the smaller, the better. Most hotels in and around Cusco allow you to store larger luggage items while visiting Machu Picchu, so make sure you have a small backpack or a backpack on hand.

Water bottle. Of course, if you intend to do the Inca trail or another walk, you will need a bottle or bag of water. Even day visitors will need a constant supply of water. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things during this visit.

Rain jacket / Light jacket. Depending on the time of the year (wet summer season: from October to March and dry winter, from April to September), a rain jacket or a light jacket will keep you dry and warm and is essential during the rainy season. The weather can be very variable, therefore, it is recommended to wear layers of clothing.

Sun hat and sunglasses. Although Machu Picchu is at a lower altitude compared to Cusco, it is still 2,430 m above sea level. Therefore, a hat and sunglasses are recommended to avoid burning with the sun. Even when it is cloudy, the sun’s rays are strong and you may not notice that it is burning: it is important to take the necessary precautions.

Sunscreen and lip balm. A high SPF sunscreen and a SPF lip balm to help hydrate and protect your lips and skin are also necessary while walking through the ruins. Again, you should make sure you stay hydrated at all times.

The camera. A good quality camera is essential to capture the beauty of Machu Picchu. The views are spectacular, and you will want to take that important selfie to show that you were there.

Gloves Depending on the time of year you will climb to the top, you may want to have a pair of gloves, even better if it is waterproof.

Swimwear. This article may surprise you, but Aguas Calientes has hot springs and you can enjoy a dip in the warm waters naturally.

Baggage for the Inca Trail

If you intend to walk, you will need the following items, in addition to what we have already mentioned. We recommend a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, quality hiking equipment that includes hiking boots, walking stick, flashlight or headlamp, comfortable clothing that includes hiking pants, insect repellent, earplugs, personal toiletries that include wet wipes, medications, toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as snacks for travel such as energy bars. Trekking from December to January is not recommended due to weather conditions. The Inca Trail closes every year during February for maintenance.

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